Driven by passionate future luxury leaders of ESSEC Global MBA

The ESSEC Global Luxury Association was conceived to expand the learning experience of its members beyond their MBA classrooms, and deeper into the world of the luxury industry.

Founded in 2020 by the current luxury cohort, the organization is led by its passionate students who help to curate, plan and execute the Associations’ activity, resulting in an engaging and pertinent approach to learning luxury. Our activities include peer to peer learning, guest speaker conferences, and networking activities.

Our Mission

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to provide students with valuable information and resources about the evolving luxury industry.

Sophia Ganesh

Founder & President

Ingrid Rogier


Anna Nocon

Social Media

Our Skills

Our passion for luxury brands and businesses, our extensive network of professionals in the luxury industry as well as our various skills allow us to be a key resource for past, present and future students.

Creative Thinking
Quick Adaptation